Month: August 2013

CICATS Announces 2013 Pilot Study Awardees

The Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (CICATS) is excited to announce its award recipients of the 2013 CICATS Pilot Study. Over 50 applications were received and 8 proposals were selected for funding following a detailed peer review by a panel of experts.  The review criteria included:

1.      Significance of the project;
2.      Feasibility;
3.      Potential value to clinical and translation research;
4.      Innovation;
5.      Collaborative research; and
6.      Overall scientific merit.

Each awardee will receive $50,000 to fund their proposed projects.

Please visit the Pilot and Collaborative Translational and Clinical Studies Core page for information about the CICATS pilot program.

Biree Andemariam, M.D., UConn Health Center
“Identification of patient-specific vascular adhesion profiles and therapeutic signatures in sickle cell disease”
– Hector Aguila, Ph.D., UConn Health Center
– George Lykotrafitis, Ph.D., UConn Health Center
– William Zempsky, M.D., Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Christopher D. Heinen, Ph.D., UConn Health Center
“Determining pathogenic significance of germline mismatch repair gene variants”
– Robin Schwartz, M.S., C.G.C., UConn Health Center
– Jennifer Stroop, M.S., C.G.C., UConn Health Center

Dmitry M. Korzhnev, Ph.D., UConn Health Center
“Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerases as Targets for Anti-Cancer Drug Design”
– Matthew K. Hadden, Ph.D., UCONN

Xiuling Lu, Ph.D., UCONN
“Radionuclide therapy of Metastatic Ovarian Cancer with Mesoporous Nanoparticles: Translation of Results in Animal Models to Humans”
    – Molly A. Brewer, D.V.M., M.D., M.S., UConn Health Center
– Andrew Salner, M.D., Hartford Hospital
– Joel Sorosky, M.D., FACOG, Hartford Hospital

Renee Manworren, Ph.D., APRN, PCNS-BC, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
“Pilot study to advance personalized medicine in pediatrics: Identification of children and adolescents at risk for post-operative pain and adverse analgesic effects”
    – Gualberto Ruaño, M.D., Ph.D., Hartford Hospital
– Richard Seip, Ph.D., Hartford Hospital

John A. Taylor, M.D., M.S., UConn Health Center
“L-Selection as a marker of metastatic potential in invasive bladder cancer”
    – James F. Rusling, Ph.D., UCONN
– Dharamainder Choudhary, Ph.D., UConn Health Center
– Poornima Hedge, M.D., UConn Health Center

Tulio A. Valdez, M.D., Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
“Multi-wavelength video-otoscopy for the Diagnosis of Otitis Media”
– Donald Peterson, Ph.D., UConn Health Center/UCONN
– Jinbo Bi, Ph.D., M.Sc., UCONN

Andrew Winokur, M.D., Ph.D., UConn Health Center
“Development and Assessment of a sublingual Tablet Preparation of Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone to Enable New Therapeutic Applications”
    – Brian J. Aneskievich, Ph.D., UCONN
– Jayesh Kamath, M.D., Ph.D., UConn Health Center
– Robin H. Bogner, Ph.D., UCONN

Congratulations to all the award recipients!  We wish you much success in your research endeavors.

Cheryl Oncken, MD, MPH
CICATS Pilot Program
Sandra K. Weller, PhD
CICATS Pilot Program
Linda Barry, MD
CICATS Pilot Program