IRB/Regulatory Support

The CICATS Regulatory Support and Clinical Research Ethics Core oversees CICATS’ regulatory activities, including a regional Institutional Review Board Panel (CICATS IRB) supported by the UConn Health Human Subjects Protection Office. The core supports a regional Regulatory Administrators Group with representatives from CICATS’ partners and affiliates, providing a platform for discussion of the regulatory issues and best practices for conducting human subjects research.

The core offers human subjects advocacy, consultation and education to CICATS’ investigators at no cost to ensure compliance with federal regulations, ethical conduct of research and successful conduct of translational science studies.

The Clinical Research Ethics Office is also available to provide consultation at no cost to CICATS investigators and IRB staff at CICATS affiliated institutions on the design, conduct, translation, and dissemination of research to help identify and incorporate a strong ethical sensibility into every aspect of translational research.


CICATS Regulatory/Ethics Core Contacts

 CICATS Regulatory Core
 Role  Phone  Email
Julian Ford, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Regulatory Core Director
Oversees the Regulatory Core activities, consults and provides regulatory guidance for CICATS’ studies. Convenes the CICATS and UConn Health Panel 3 IRB meetings in addition to conducting exempt, facilitated and expedited reviews. 860-679-8778
Audrey Chapman, M.Div., STM, PhD
Professor, Community Medicine and Health Care
UConn Health Center Auxiliary/Joseph M. HealeyJr. Chair in Medical Humanities and Bioethics, Division of Public Health Law & Ethics
Provides consultation on ethical practice and regulatory compliance in research applications for UConn Health and CICATS’ members. 860-679-1590
Linda Burian, MS, CCRP
CICATS Regulatory Specialist
Assists with the navigation of the electronic IRIS system, documents for submission to the CICATS IRB and review of submission prior to CICATS’ IRB processing. Leads the regional CICATS Regulatory Administrators Group. 860-679-7562
Pam Colwell
UConn Health IRB Administrative Officer
Certified IRB Manager (CIM)
Registered Laboratory Animal Technologist (RLATG )
Processes and reviews IRB submissions, assists the CICATS IRB Panel and UConn Health IRB Panel 1 with meetings and minutes, provides guidance with UConn Health IRB regulations and research applications. Member of the UConn Health IRB Panel 1.  860-679-1019
Michelle Slivinsky, MA, CCRP
CICATS Regulatory Specialist
Research Assistant in Department of Psychiatry, UConn Health
Assists with the navigation of the electronic IRIS system, documents for CICATS’ submission and review of submission prior to CICATS’ IRB processing. Assists with the regional CICATS Regulatory Administrators Group. 860-679-2587